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Cornerstone Private Client Group is a full-service, independent financial firm helping individuals, families and businesses reach their goals.

When you hire Cornerstone Private Client Group, you join a select group of individuals, families and businesses who benefit from working with a dedicated financial planner—while having access to a group of experienced advisors and experts with diverse specialties.

No matter what your life stage or financial needs, Cornerstone has you covered.

Cornerstone works with businesses and people of all ages: young couples saving for their first home and for retirement, families planning for their children’s education, businesses deciding on the best route for succession, retirees who want to ensure their nest egg lasts their lifetime, and more.

Your Cornerstone financial advisor tailors his or her services to your unique situation, objectives and risk tolerance so you enjoy increased confidence in your future.  As a Cornerstone client, you benefit from highly personalized services based on your unique circumstances.

Planning your financial future shouldn’t be complicated … or overwhelming. Your Cornerstone advisor guides you with a step-by-step process, so you feel confident in your decisions.

The Cornerstone Approach

While clients’ needs and situations vary, the Cornerstone approach follows a straightforward process to give you a road map to a more secure financial future:

#1 Life Stage and Goals

Working with Cornerstone begins with a confidential conversation with an advisor. By answering a series of questions, you’ll share your financial situation and goals.

#2 Planning

Once your advisor understands your objectives, they customize an appropriate strategy so your life goals can become a reality. You will receive clear, easily understood explanations of recommended financial products and services.

#3 Live Your Life

Live your life while Cornerstone monitors your assets, helping you to maximize their value.

#4 Make Adjustments

As your life changes, your goals change, too. Your Cornerstone advisor will schedule regular meetings and conversations with you to ensure they understand the changes needed so you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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Located in Gwinnett County, all Cornerstone advisors have extensive experience and hold professional designations. Many are also licensed to provide a variety of investment and insurance products.